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Staffing Solutions

ARC Industries Staffing Solutions can help you identify and retain qualified workers. Are you looking to diversify your team? Do you need skilled and capable employees? ARC’s Job Placement Specialists meet with you to determine your needs and identify candidates and training requirements.
ARC Industries can assist Federal Contractors with Compliance of Section 503 of the Fair Labor Standard Act. Section 503 has set a goal of 7% hiring for individuals with disabilities across all job positions. ARC can be a source to assist you in meeting this goal!

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Staffing Solution Success Stories

Sherry Nickell-Simko

We enjoy utilizing ARC Industries clients to fill some of our opening. ARC is thorough when assessing our needs and matching a client who can be successful in performing the job duties. They bring the client out for an interview and tour, arrange transportation and are just a phone call away if we have a concern. We currently employ 8 great clients from ARC Industries and wish we were able to clone their attributes and work ethic. I would recommend working with ARC Industries.